on blogging

I’ve never tried it before, really. I definitely consider myself a writer, but that’s always been of fiction, with characters and nifty third person points of view. I’m already super weirded out by the fact that I’ve used “I” four times in the last three sentences. But, well, I’ve been reading ace blogs for long enough, and I’d really like to pound out some thoughts on various things.

So hi. I’m Zero. I like writing, and dragons, and video games- and I don’t like sex or romance. Tada. It feels so good to write that. I am an aromantic asexual. Simple, clean cut, no room for argument. If only it were that easy to communicate to the world at large, without having to do The Spiel every single time. It’s funny, how people can see themselves as progressives and wonderful allies, and yet know nothing about anything beyond the basic LG(and maybe B). That’s where I was not so long ago.

I came across my first hint of something else about a year ago, and it’s been a whirlwind of binging on blogs ever since. There’s always been the urge to reach out to the community, of course, but I don’t do well with Tumblr and have little desire to join AVEN. So it’s remained just reading and reading and occasionally sending an anonymous ask- after all, what would little old me have to add? But, well, I’ll never have anything to add if I never get around to practicing, so I’m just going to bite the bullet and start churning things out. It’s probably going to be hard to slog through, at first. I’m sorry. Feel free to correct me, I need to learn- just know that, honestly, I’m not trying to be offensive.

I know very well that the “someone is wrong on the internet I must fix it” urge is the definition of an exercise in futility, but it’s not like I have the opportunity to have these discussions in meatspace. That’s why I’m here. Seeing as classes start tomorrow, it seems the appropriate time to start something new, even if said new thing accomplishes nothing other than horrifically embarrassing poor future me. Sorry, future-me. We gotta start somewhere.

Siggy at the Asexual Agenda wrote a piece less than a month ago mentioning the lack of writing from the newer generations, and the disconnect he feels with Kids These Days. I guess that’s me. I’ve never really interacted with a proper ace community- but I’d like to start. Hopefully this is my chance. Even if I don’t accomplish anything, I hear screaming into the void is terribly therapeutic.

So hi. I’m Zero. I’m an aromantic asexual, and I’m starting a blog.